Techsafe provides Regulators and Government entities with industry-leading specialist services, designed to ensure compliance and the safety of the industry and the public. We have the experience and expertise to assist our clients by answering their most concerning questions:

  • Are the tradespeople completing services in accordance with the relevant electrical safety acts, standards and regulations?
  • Is work completed in accordance with industry best practice?
  • Are we / customers getting charged for services not delivered?
  • Are we / customers getting overcharged for unnecessary services?

Regulator initiated Electrical Inspections and Audits

In 1998, TechSafe worked closely with the Energy Regulator to help establish the electrical certification system which forms the basis of the current safety certification and compliance process for electrical installation work in Victoria as part of the Electricity Safety Act 1998. Since the implementation of the certification system, TechSafe has performed audits and electrical inspection services on behalf of Energy Safe Victoria and currently remains a preferred supplier for these and associated services.

The service includes the auditing of electrical work across electrical government projects carried out by registered electrical contractors at a customer’s premise along with specialist auditing of specific work types such as medical, solar, high output voltage and hazardous installations.

Tasmania Electrical Safety Inspections

TechSafe provides turnkey solutions for electrical inspection services throughout all of Tasmania via contract with the State Government. Under this contract, TechSafe is the sole employer of Authorised Electrical Inspectors in the state of Tasmania and therefore we perform every service requiring an inspection, including:

  • Taking receipt of and registering of electrical compliance certificates
  • Inspections of new installations
  • Inspections for High Voltage Installations 
  • Inspections of all solar installations
  • Inspections of alterations and additions
  • Electrical shock investigation and Reporting
  • Electrical Fire Investigation and Reporting
  • Report defective electrical work and issue defect notices to customers
  • Manage defect notice database and collect/administer fines from customers
  • Audit electrical contractors
  • Work schedule to meet contract requirements
  • Arrange and Coordinate industry stakeholder meetings