Electrical Trade

TechSafe have a permanent group of authorized Inspectors based throughout Victoria and Tamania. This ensures we can usually accommodate requests for an Inspection within 24 hours.

With more than 18 years of industry experience we realize that those working in the electrical industry not only want assurance that their work is compliant and safe, but also but also confidence that the relevant paperwork will be completed and returned in a timely manner. With jobs now completed electronically in the field, TechSafe Inspectors close out jobs in real time and submit all necessary paperwork  (Certificates of Safety etc.) within 24 hours.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the job, TechSafe can provide Inspectors for anything from verifying a small residential switchboard all the way up to large complex high voltage installation anywhere in the country.


Electrical Inspection

Prescribed Inspections

Statutory Regulations and/or Clients may require electrical contractors to arrange for the inspection of prescribed electrical work. Licensed Inspectors may then be required to check that the work complies with the Electrical Safety Act and the Electrical Safety Installation Regulations to endorse a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Techsafe perform Inspections on all the following prescribed jobs:

  • Solar PV
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Hazardous Area Installations
  • New Installations
  • Temporary Building Supplies
  • High Voltage Installations
  • Medical and Dental Inspections
  • Multiple meter and Complex Large Electrical installations

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Electrical Design Advice and Consultancy Services

The wrong advice can risk safety and cost you extra money and time. Ensure you get it right the first time and avoid delays and re-work at the time of connection to electrical supply

Our Inspectors experience and knowledge of the Electricity Safety Act and associated Regulations, Standards and Wiring Rules is second to none. Take advantage of our expertise when preparing building plans and arranging electrical supply to your next building project.

Our team can provide confidential assistance and advice on the design of complex and multiple electrical installations and we can also liaise with the electricity distributor for you to arrange supply. This will prevent problems when arranging the final inspection, thus avoiding the need for possible re-work and the associated costs of any delays.

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On Site Project Management Services

Our team of experienced licensed electrical inspectors can also provide on-site project management for complex installations to ensure compliance of electrical work to Regulations, Standards and specifications. This can include anything from assistance with High Voltage work on sites such as underground tunneling for major roads through to multiple installation developments.

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Thermal Diagnostic Imaging

Our infra-red camera is used to inspect wiring and equipment to detect “hot spots” - serious electrical problems and hazards that could lead to injury, fire or plant and equipment downtime.
Unlike other conventional assessment measures our inspection occurs without interruption to plant operation. Potential equipment failure or fires can be prevented, thereby allowing you to avoid downtime and schedule targeted maintenance.
Receive a comprehensive report within days, detailing photos and thermal images prioritising items requiring attention.

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Wiring and Equipment Safety Inspections

Our licensed Inspectors can identify unsafe or defective electrical wiring that may require attention to protect people and property at either your workplace or home. This will involve the inspection and selected testing of fixed electrical wiring and equipment including detection of dangerous leakage current.
Based on our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we can identify any instances of non compliance with electrical legislation, regulations, standards and codes, ensuring your business is safe and not at risk of fines, prosecution or insurance issues.
Within days of the Inspection you will receive comprehensive report prioritising items requiring attention and specific recommendations on electrical work required to improve safety and ensure compliance.

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