Electrical Audit

Techsafe works closely with Regulators, Distribution Businesses, and Market Operators to help maintain electrical safety and compliance on the Networks. Our electrical auditors perform audits or inspections on electrical assets and the people working on those assets, so as to give our Clients the confidence that work is performed to the specifications required.

Electrical Audits on behalf of Regulator

A primary role of most energy Regulators is to set and enforce minimum safety standards, along with promoting energy safety in industry and the community. TechSafe shares the same objectives as energy Regulators across the country and can provide the technical competencies and resources to help Regulators monitor performance and achieve their objectives.

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Major Event Audits and Inspections

Electrical Safety Audit by a qualified electrical auditor

Public safety at major events is of paramount importance. With the erection of temporary stalls and mobile vans etc, the correct connection to the electricity supply needs to be ensured so as to achieve a risk-free event.

With many of our Inspectors experienced in Australian Standards of electrical safety for Shows and Carnivals (AS/NZS 3002:2008), Transportable Structures and Vehicles (AS/NZS 3001:2008) and mobile generators, TechSafe have Inspected and advised on some of Australia’s largest events.


Electrical Infrastructure Auditing Services

TechSafe electrical auditors perform independent compliance audits on Overhead and Underground cable services including pit and conduct inspections through to final construction audits.

By utilising dedicated, Licensed Electrical Inspectors and Operators with experience in network services, TechSafe provide a solution that ensures the highest quality of service and the lowest possible risk to our Clients. Any potential non-compliances that are identified at the time of audit can be recorded and also rectified at the time of the audit, thereby saving costly remediation work at a later date.

Our Clients have achieved significant savings by using TechSafe to perform this service rather than personal with limited Network experience.


Electrical Process Auditing

In addition to training electrical staff and contractors, TechSafe also carries out third party independent process audits on employees such as Linesman, Meter Technicians (replacers) and electricians. This provides businesses the confidence that their staff and contractors are following the processes that reflect industry and company expectations.

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