About Techsafe

About Techsafe - Electrical InspectorsTechSafe provide specialist technical advice, independent inspection, auditing, verification and testing services that help ensure compliance, improve quality and reduce risk.

Our business was established in 1998 after the privatisation of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) and many of our existing Inspectors and Management Team were employed and originally trained with the SECV. We have an unparalleled knowledge of electrical safety Acts, Regulations, Standards and Codes. This ensures our customers receive accurate, up to date information combined with extensive industry experience and knowledge that was feared lost through industry segregation.


We currently complete more than 100,000 inspections and compliance audits per annum for Regulators, Utilities, Government entities, tradespeople and the public. In addition to compliance and safety inspection services, TechSafe is seen as an expert industry leader who also provides a technical advice line, major incident investigation and reports, industry training and electrical consultancy services.

Over the past fifteen years the company has grown and evolved with the industry, while maintaining and building on our experience. TechSafe continues to train and develop new Inspectors into the industry to ensure knowledge and experience is retained.

In April 2017, TechSafe was successfully acquired by Service Stream Limited, an ASX300 listed company. Service Stream is a large and flexible organisation that provides end-to-end design, construction, installation and maintenance services across Australia’s telecommunications, electricity, gas and water networks.

Service Stream provides a variety of services to infrastructure providers and specialises in three key business areas:

Energy and Water: 

  • Meter reading and replacement services, maintenance and asset inspections, and in-home installations across electricity, gas and water distribution networks including solar PV, water and energy systems.

Mobile Communications:

  • Installation, upgrade and maintenance of digital wireless networks and procurement, design and build of mobile base stations/phone towers.

Fixed Communications: 

  • Design, installation, upgrade and maintenance services across telecommunication networks for optic fibre, broadband, high-speed data, copper technology and telephony – activation activities and assurance tickets of work.

 For further details visit the Service Stream website and the recent ASX announcements.

 Our People

Our Inspectors are highly regarded experts in electrical compliance and safety. As a group they are diverse in their skills and experience which has grown over hundreds of thousands of property visits across all areas of electrical installations. Many of our Inspectors have worked in the industry for more than 30 years, where they have honed their knowledge and shared their experience through internal training programs, which all staff regularly undertake.

Our Inspectors are all licensed, accredited an /or authorised by State based industry Regulatory bodies. As they were originally Electrical Contractors, they also understand the needs of many of our Clients and are extremely adept at communicating requirements and providing customers with the information needed to ensure their job is compliant.

TechSafe is an associate member of the Institute of Electrical Inspectors and a number of our Inspectors sit on various Australian Standard Committees, including the Australian Wiring Rules EL001.